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Remarkable success starts from 1991 when the dream of one man became a reality! A visionary entrepreneur, an avowed humanist and a committed philanthropist, Mr. Suresh Chand Goyal, Chairman, Tip-Top Food Tech INDIA Pvt. Ltd., helped pave the way to success by pioneering in the food business with a single room operation.

Too Yumm - Fried not Fikar Not

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  • FloavourPAPAD
  • FloavourSEV
  • ClassicCHANA
  • CrispyPeanuts
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Too Yumm Tandoori Foxnuts


Meethe palo ko or bhi meetha banaye

  • CaramelSaltedPopcorn
  • VannilaFlavouredPopcorn
  • StrawberryFlavouredPopcorn
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